The ‘Lauras’ Windy Polzeath Wedding Day

February 18, 2017

A Windy Polzeath Wedding Day

I hadn’t been to Polzeath for a while so I was delighted when Laura and Laura contacted me about being their wedding photographer and to capture their Polzeath wedding at The Waterfront.

I always try to meet Clients (before or after they book) as I think it’s really important that they know who I am, like what I do and would feel happy having me at their wedding.   After all, they’re going to be spending a bit of time with me on the big day and although I try to blend into the background as much as possible, it’s still essential that they are comfortable having me around.

So ‘The Lauras’ and I planned to meet at their venue.   I turned up expecting just a small meeting between the three of us but they had other plans and brought along most of the family!    It felt a bit like an audition for X Factor but what a lovely group of people.   We hit it off within minutes and I was hired.

Over the next few months, it was a pleasure getting to know ‘The Lauras’ on various visits to Cornwall so by the time their wedding arrived, I felt I’d known them for years – I’m pretty sure they felt the same way.

On the big day, it was blowing a gale and was freezing cold so photos of people arriving had to be grabbed quickly as they ran for the warmth and shelter of the conservatory at The Waterfront.

The brides arrived separately and from opposite directions and were determined they weren’t going to see each other, or their guests before the ceremony.   In warmer weather that would have been easy but with guests upstairs, a full bar downstairs and the verandah out of use, it became a piece of choreography worthy of a West End stage play.   Somehow, we managed it and the girls walked up the aisle with their Dads without seeing each other beforehand.   Little did they know they had been only 6 feet apart at one point!

After a beautiful ceremony in the conservatory, Laura and Laura ran the gauntlet of confetti throwers on the verandah but the high winds put paid to an organized confetti throw. – if there is any confetti in the photographs, it’s more by luck than judgement!   The plan had been to walk to the beach with all the guests to take family photos but the weather prevented that happening too so it was just me and the girls who braved the cold.

The Cornwall Camper Company drove us the short distance to the beach (thanks guys) and we quickly took some wedding portraits before the girls turned as blue as the sea.

A (very) quick walk across the beach ensured a few memorable photos – but the most memorable moment sadly wasn’t caught on camera.   That was the moment a surfboard blew off the roof of a nearby van and whacked me over the back of the head!   The things we wedding photographers have to endure for our art!   And then it was back to the warmth and safety of The Waterfront for a superb meal and thank you Lauras for including me on your seating plan.   It wasn’t expected but it as a very kind gesture and I was made to feel very welcome.

Finally it was time for a dance and a bit of dry ice before leaving them to party into the night.   Thank you Laura S and thank you Laura C.   You made my life very easy on your big day and it was a true pleasure to be a part of something very special.     If this is what being a Polzeath wedding photographer is all about, sign me up!