Lesley & Dan’s Camborne Church wedding and Trickys party

September 15, 2017

A Camborne Church Wedding

I knew from the very first time I met Lesley and Dan that their Camborne church wedding was going to be a huge family affair and we clicked almost from the moment we met.   It’s important that Clients feel comfortable with their wedding photographer and something that always helps people relax, is having the chance to take some family photographs before the wedding.   So that’s exactly what we did.   This is a great opportunity to spend some time getting to know the kids (and Mum and Dad for that matter) and helps everyone feel a bit more relaxed on the big day.

When that day arrived, I got to Lesley’s home and could hear the laughter before I even knocked on the door!   It wouldn’t be fair to call it chaos but there was lot going on so I had to be creative finding somewhere to detail shots.   The wedding ring photograph was taken in the garden – isn’t it amazing what can be achieved with a bit of black cardboard and a glass topped patio table!

Leaving Lesley to get ready I raced to the church just in time to meet up with Dan arriving by tractor and grabbed a few photos of the guys as they wrestled with buttonholes.

Lesley wasn’t far behind and her boys were there to meet her when she arrived.   Lesley looked so happy as she walked up the aisle on her Dad’s arm, with her flower girls and ring bearer leading the way.

After the ceremony came an attempt at a group photo of 90+people in a space probably more suitable to half that number but weddings are great for getting to know each other – and they certainly did that as they squeezed in for a big cheer!

While the guest made their way to Trickys, we headed down to a very blustery and wind swept Portreath beach to take few portrait photos.   It was a bit too windy and cold to spend too long there but Lesley was determined and it was worth doing to give them some memorable images.

After that, all that was left to do was celebrate and so it was back to Trickys for a meal and a party and thankfully the rain stayed off until we were all safely indoors.   Congratulations to you both – sorry it’s taken a while to get around to posting the blog!