Toni & Ed’s Wedding at St Mawes Castle

September 16, 2017

A Wedding at St Mawes Castle

It’s not every wedding that starts with a boat trip but Toni & Ed’s wedding at St Mawes Castle and reception in Falmouth, meant that boats were going to be needed to avoid over an hours driving each way.   So at 8.30am I caught the first Falmouth to St Mawes ferry and it didn’t take a genius to realise that the only other passenger was obviously a bridesmaid – either that or the dress she was carrying was going to mean she was going to be very overdressed for a day on the beach!

The plan was to for me to meet up with Toni in St Mawes, take a few photos of the girls getting ready and then meet all the guests when they arrived at the harbour.   And that plan went quite well until the privately chartered boat was late arriving and a majority of the guests all headed for the pub for refreshments after a very warm crossing.   It turned out later that not all the passengers were guests and it seemed that somehow or other a couple of stowaways had made it aboard – only noticed a couple of weeks later when Toni and Ed viewed their photos and couldn’t identify all the guests!

With the guests safely ashore, I raced up to the Castle to find the bridesmaids waiting for the bride and we rounded up the guests just in time for Toni’s arrival.   The wedding ceremony was held in the downstairs Garrison Mess Room and well done to Toni and all the bridesmaids for negotiating the narrow spiral staircase in frocks and heels!   After the ceremony it was out onto the lawns to throw some confetti, before drinks and photos and a walk back through the village to board the boat for pasties and saffron buns while sailing along the River Fal.

The wedding reception was at held at the Greenbank Hotel with lots of speeches spread throughout the meal and although timings overran a little, we still managed to get outside to the pier for some portrait photos before the sun went down.

Any wedding at St Mawes Castle is special but this was especially so with superb weather and fantastic views.   So to any couple thinking of treating their guests to a boat trip on their wedding day, I can thoroughly recommend it…….weather permitting of course!